Hyperthermia Treatment For Cancer and Infectious Diseases

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Hyperthermia = Fever

Fever is an Immune Boosting Therapy

The immune system is often undervalued and not considered in pathology of disease. The immune system is made up of white blood cells that are made in our bone marrow. They regulate the body’s resistance and fighting ability to invading pathogens and internal disturbances.

Every day we are bombarded with possible causes for infection. White blood cells, which permeate every tissue in the body, neutralize these dangers and produce antibodies to hinder future invasion of the same pathogen.

The immune system is not only responsible for the removal of external pathogens but also plays a role in the clean-up of cells after apoptosis (cell death) and the removal of ‘abnormal’ cells.

The protection provided by the immune system is divided into two types:

Innate immune system

  • Response is non-specific
  • Exposure leads to immediate maximal response (0-12 hours)
  • No immunological memory


Adaptive immune system

  • Pathogen and antigen specific response
  • Lag time between exposure and maximal response (1-7 days)
  • Exposure leads to immunological memory

Our immune system, like any army, has limits. It can only fight off a certain number of pathogens before there is a high chance of defeat. Luckily, the body has a built in safety mechanism to aid the immune system at this time. Surprisingly, this safety mechanism is an increase in systemic temperature called pyrexia, hyperthermia or more commonly known as fever.

Homeostasis is the constant balancing act that ensures our body stays in equilibrium. Everything from temperature, to pH, to blood sugar levels; need to remain in a state of balance for all the body’s components to perform optimally. A fever is the body’s highly evolved attempt to destroy invading organisms and to sweat impurities out through the skin. Fever is an effective natural process of curing disease and restoring health. 


Hypocrites, the founder of Western medicine, said more than two thousand years ago, 

“Give me the power to create a fever, and I shall cure any disease”.


During a fever, the functionality of the immune system is stimulated, while the growth of bacteria and viruses are forced to slow down. The production of white blood cells, the primary agents of the immune system is increased as is the rate of their release into the blood stream. The generation of antibodies speeds up, as does the production of interferon, an anti-viral protein that also has powerful cancer-fighting properties.

The fever activates the immune system dramatically and also creates heat shock proteins on the surface of malignant cells. This effect makes the cancer visible and vulnerable to the increased amount of immune cells. The increased blood flow and oxygenation during the process helps to detoxify the body at the same time.

Especially for kid’s fever is an important part of their healing reaction. Dr. Adem Gunes says, parents should not medicate immediately as fever trains the immune system to fight any illnesses.

Benefits of Fever

There are several factors which can ultimately affect our ability
to initiate a fever response:

  1. Age – the older we get the less automatic our fever response becomes
  2. Toxic overload from biotoxins produced by bacteria and toxins
  3. A dysfunctional immune system
  4. Chronic low grade or latent infections
  5. Past or current abuse of fever reducing drugs


Although in theory, having no fever may seem like a victory we simply miss out on the benefits that a natural fever response provides. If you are indeed lucky enough to develop a fever naturally every once in a while, then embrace it and allow your amazing immune system to do its job. But if you aren’t, don’t fret there is a safe method utilised all over the world to induce a fever. This therapy is called Hyperthermia.

Hyperthermia is a therapy which has been used since the early 1970s. In this therapy the warming of a specific site or the whole body is achieved with the use of microwaves, radio waves, ultrasound or infrared waves. There are many doctors and clinics all around the world who utilise hyperthermia in their practice. Commonly hyperthermia is used in the treatment of cancer, however several clinics also successfully implement its use in autoimmune diseases and general wellbeing. 

The whole body hyperthermia mainly activates the immune system. During the therapy the patient lies horizontally in a heating dome with their head out to prevent overheating of the brain. The heat of the dome is adjusted upon the reaction of each individual. Within 1-3 hours (this varies from person to person) the core body temperature gets increased up to about 39.5 C, which stimulates a natural fever. This fever activates the immune system and causes an increase in the number and activity of natural cells, T-helper cells and cytotoxic T-cells. This temperature is held for up to 2 hours. During this, the patient sweats between 2 and 3 liters and correspondingly drinks the same amount of filtered water. This results in a rapid fluid exchange and in toxic patients this mobilization has a detoxifying action. 

Depending on individual circumstances this therapy can be repeated once a week until you feel better. Then slowly reduce to once every 2 weeks and maintain once a month after recovery. 

Hyperthermia is a life saver and by far my most favourite treatment. It combines so many beneficial factors all into one treatment that it can not be that it's only available to the rich and those who can travel to German clinics. We have invested a lot of love and dedication into this training to give you the certainty you need to do this treatment at home.

Hyperthermia Sauna Dome

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Hyperthermia Sauna Dome

Order your Hyperthermia Dome now and get completely FREE:

  • iCelsius Wireless BT probe. Rectal thermometer  
  • 2 Extra Large Towels 

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6 Responses

    1. The dome can take you to all temperatures. The FIR heats up the blood in your blood vessels and so increases body core temperature. The problem is that above 42.8 you risk coagulation of proteins which is dangerous. That's why we only heat to 39.5 C and let the body do the rest. After a few treatments your body learns how to respond properly with fever and will go as high as needed. Most lyme patients easily get up to 40C or 41C.

  1. Your site is great. Please make the font color darker to more easily see. It is just to light to read comfortably.
    thank you

  2. So all it does is raise the body temp? I understand the benefits of induced fever. But how is this different to an infra red sauna say?

    1. Hi Sandra. the problem with inducing fever in a short time is the power you need to achieve that. You can sit in a normal sauna for hours and sweat profusely but building up a fever is difficult. We have increased the power of the dome and changed the frequency of the FIR heaters to copy the same values as the large Ardenne bed in Germany has or the Heckel Bed which are medical devices. Now we can achieve fever in as little as 25 min. Thats an amazing result for a home device compared to a $25000 professional device where it takes the same time.

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