Download the Treatment checklist with contraindications and side effects. This chart includes observations. 

Download the slideshow to this presentation. All slides attached as a PDF to share and explain to your family. 

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11 Responses

    1. Hello Mohamed, 

      Thank you for the comment!  Diabetes is not a contraindication but caution is advised. The reason for this, is because heat can activate insulin (if injected subcutaneously) and therefore blood sugar levels can drop dramatically. Likewise, in general as a diabetic heat is similar to exercise and causes blood sugar levels to drop, this would need to be monitored throughout and have prepared glucose to consume throughout.  

      Unless there are diabetic ulcers, or open wounds or other serious complications I see no issues with hyperthermia/sauna. Just ensure you do not cause a low glucose episode. 

  1. Please will you explain to me why following the seminar I was automatically charged $450 for delivery, when delivery was supposed to be free according to the offer listed on the page of the seminar? Thank you.

    1. Hello Barry, I assume if you were charged a fee that your country is on the special delivery list. This has been introduced by the carrier. We offer free shipping to USA, CA, NZ, UK and AU. To some countries like South Africa the carrier charge us $1200 shipping charges.

      1. Hello Barry, Just saw your order to the Phillipines. They charge us $994 for delivery. So the fee is discounted by the same rate as shipping to USA would cost but not all the way. Sorry I did not understand how this shipping calculator works. Will update the website accordingly.

  2. I was looking at this for CF and one said their salt levels dropped. The place I seen it a person's family use it for that. Anyone know anything on that?

    1. Yes you loose salt from sweating and minerals as they flush out from the body just like toxins as well. This detox is far more powerful than anything else you can do. Therefore it's very important to put a pinch of salt into the water as outlined in the slides and use electrolytes after the therapy.

  3. Radiation Burns (use ozone first to heal)? What about breathable hydrogen at less than 4%. That has been reported for scarring?

  4. Hi,

    Is this treatment contraindicated if one has had radiation.?I had radiation on nodules on my lung about 9 years ago. I may also have to have radiation on the prostate in the coming months – it's not fully decided yet. Or is there a way of protecting myself from burning ?

    You mention heart problems. I sometimes have spikes in systolic blood pressure. Apart from that I think my heart is ok. Is Hypertension a problem?

    If one sweats so much do I lose weight? That would also be a problem as I am probably already slightly underweight.

    1. Hello Padraig, without knowing all of your circumstances and how much damage was done with radiation it is hard to say whether it would be ok or not. Even doctors in clinics can not say with certainty how bad the internal scarring is. A friend of mine went to Germany for hyperthermia and had to stop as his radiation burns inside were causing him big discomfort. No doctor can know this in advance. That's why we normally ease into the treatment and slowly build up from sauna to gentle fever and only if you feel safe and competent you increase to higher fever.

    2. Forgot the other point of loosing weight. When you loose water it's not regarded as weightloss. As you drink during the treatment as much as you sweat out and replenish with minerals and electrolytes you should be hungry after the therapy.

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Get your own Hyperthermia Dome Today

To support your fight against Cancer and Infectious diseases we offer the Hyperthermia Dome until Sunday with a massive discount &

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