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Michael Has His First Hyperthermia Treatment At Home

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Hyperthermia Sauna Dome

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3 Responses

  1. Do you have a clinic site where you offer these treatments, or does everyone have to buy all the equipment in order to do the treatments at home?

    1. There are many clinics in Germany, Austria and Swiss and even Russia and Poland who offer Hyperthermia therapy. In other countries this therapy is prohibited and if a doctor offers this therapy they charge a lot for it. Even in Germany they charge around $700 to $1500 per treatment which ads up very fast. Considering you get the dome for as much as 3 treatments and can treat yourself and loved ones for years to come the decision to buy a dome is simply practical.

    2. There are many clinics that offer this therapy. Now even US, AU and NZ have clinics that do hyperthermia. So if you want to have the therapy in a clinic just look locally. I had my first treatment also in a clinic to see how they do it. The problem is that you need more than 2 or 3 therapies to achieve lasting results and thats where the financial aspect separates the have from the have not. Like I said in the video 10 treatments can become a financial burden not everybody can afford. If you can, then go for it. It’s nice to have a well trained nurse caring for you and a doctor taking on responsibility. They can also give you the IV therapy at the same time which is really nice.

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