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Do You Have Low White Blood Cell Count?

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If I only could convince everybody that there is no treatment more important than a moderate Hyperthermia session. We have patients in stage 4 since many years who have been given up by the sick care system who do extremely well ONLY because they boost their immune system regularly (once a week) with this treatment.

If you have a low white blood cell count you can not get away without this treatment. It’s without any doubt the only treatment that increases your white blood cells in just a single treatment, marks cancer cells with heat shock proteins, detoxifies your body and boosts your immune system like no other.

Anybody who asks me “which is the best treatment to do at home” is told that hyperthermia treatment is mandatory.

Unfortunately are most people so brainwashed that fever is a disease and dangerous, that they are too afraid to appreciate fever as a healing mechanism of the body.

The first thing that happens in a hospital when you have fever is a pill to suppress the fever. Try to tell your doctor or nurse that you dont want that and that you are happy to have the fever as it shows your body still has a healthy healing reaction. You have to be careful that they do not push you into the mental ward.

FEVER is absolutely healing and known to be the most efficient miracle cure. i can not more than suggest it to you and hope to inspire you enough to try it out, but in my view you miss out on a huge chance to recover if you ignore this treatment.

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Hyperthermia Sauna Dome

Order your Hyperthermia Dome now and get completely FREE:

  • iCelsius Wireless BT probe. Rectal thermometer  
  • 2 Extra Large Towels 


3 Responses

  1. I’ve been reading from the book titled “Hyperthermia In Cancer Treatment: A Primer” that shows the research indicates 43-43.7 deg Centigrade is indicated along with general anesthesia for reducing viral load in HIV patients and converting them to nonprogressors, removing all allergies, and heat shocking cancer cells effectively. It seems like what you’re suggesting on your site perhaps isn’t hot enough to get the job done to its max potential. What do you think about this?

    1. There are 2 forms of therapy which have been used to similar success.

      What you describe is the Intense Hyperthermia which is performed under anaesthetics and with emergency setup in a proper clinic. Here doctors attempt to kill pathogens like lyme in 2 or 3 treatments to have clinical success. This is not something you can do at home.

      The other form is Moderate Hyperthermia. Here doctors get the patient between 39C to 41C while relying on the body to perform in a natural fever response. Thats why all heaters are usually turned off around 39C and the body takes it from there. I personally can turn off my heaters at 38.5 and still go up to 41C without any problems. But I have done this treatment many times. This form of treatment is usually done over a longer period of time with many repetitions. Some clinics sell a 10 pack as it is more gentle and overall less stressful for the body.

      Both have the same end result. The moderate form just takes longer but therefore has longer lasting results.

    2. You are describing the intense hyperthermia which was used in many clinics at first but slowly has reduced to only a few clinics. All others have started to do the moderate hyperthermia which we share with you on this page. The reason for this is that the results were the same or even better while being far less exhausting and expensive. Almost all clinics ran tests parallel with 50 patients on moderate and 50 in intense and the moderate group did far better. Their immune response was stronger and the healing effect was better over time.

      I assume the idea was to eradicate all virus in a couple of treatment and this did not work out. It’s always a long process to change the inner milieu of the body.

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