Fever Is NOT A Disease

Fever Is NOT A Disease Fever is not a disease! Actually, what is a fever? what causes fever? how to reduce fever? A lot of question about fever. Fever is a not a disease. It’s a healing reaction of the body. https://hyperthermiaacademy.com It is a normal physical response. The body produces fever to fight infection, […]

Hyperthermia In the Clinic

hyperthermia at the arcadia clinic

Lisa from Sweden has hyperthermia treatment in the clinic and prepares with a visualisation therapy for increased success.

Quality Matters

Hyperthermia with high EMF is not good

Do not try to safe a few $ for a device that could potentially cause more harm than help. Many of the Domes have excessive EMF and that’s not only detrimental for your health but also dangerous.

Do You Have Low White Blood Cell Count?

Do You Have Low White Blood Cell Count? If I only could convince everybody that there is no treatment more important than a moderate Hyperthermia session. We have patients in stage 4 since many years who have been given up by the sick care system who do extremely well ONLY because they boost their immune […]

Hyperthermia Kills Cancer Cells

hyperthermia to kill cancer cells

Treating Cancer Patients With Hyperthermia is a common cancer therapy in private clinics in Germany and Europe. Hyperthermia is regarded as the 4th pillar in conventional cancer treatments